Child Care

Child care programs are licensed or registered to provide supervised care within designated facilities or homes for children during some portion of a 24-hour day. Staff for approved child care programs must meet defined educational requirements; the program must ensure specified adult/child ratios; and the facility must meet building, fire and zoning codes. Services may include recreational and developmental activities and snacks and/or meals, as appropriate.

Child care programs in Texas are regulated by Child Care Licensing.

To find care for your child or children, contact:

For assistance in paying for child care, contact Child Care Management Services (CCMS).

To find out how to become a child care program, contact Child Care Licensing.

Parents Guide

Read the Parents Guide The Parents Guide is produced by the UC Berkeley Center for Community Wellness in collaboration with the California Children and Families Commission, parents throughout the state and many public and private partnerships.

Read the Parents Guide


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